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At Atlanta's Best Photo Restoration .Com we strive to bring a photo back to life in it's original look and quality.At one time , we would restore photos grain by grain with jewelers loupes for glasses . We would use a single hair brush and palettes filled with photo colors in every tint,tone and shade. We could not restore smaller photos due to size. We now work with incredible photo applications to restore photos . Instead of grain by grain we now restore photos pixel by pixel, We do not oversaturate the color in photos and carefully knit back pixels so that you cannot see the original damage. Shadows and highlight are balanced and if you wish we will crop to traditional size format. We will listen to your photo restoration needs. We are happy to answer questions in regard to Photo Restoration. Please call 404-327-9777.

CALL 404-327-9777 if you would like an appointment to meet with me personally about the restoration of your photos. Also, you may drop off your photos at Caroline Budd’s Picture Framing, 2097 Liddell Dr NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30324 . You may E-MAIL SCANS ( 300 DPI ) TO : nanlasherball@comcast.net . If you cannot make a scan ; Your local Fed EX Office can do this for you ( including large scans ); They can even place a scan on a CD or thumb drive for you.

Photo Restoration will bring your Photos back to life!

Thank You to all of my Clients who have given Permission for using their Photos as examples of my work.

Please call me if I can help in answer questions about Photo Restoration. 404 - 327 - 9777

I Recommend Video Impact for all of your Video Editing

Video Impact offers Video Transfer, Video Editing, Foreign Conversion, Photos to CD/ Video, Slides to CD/ Video, Audio Transfer, Labeling, Web Ready Files, Reel to Reel Film, Duplication, and Videography. Located at 1510 Oak Grove Road, Decatur, Ga 30033. Call 404 - 325 - 1444



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