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Luckily I found Nan
  I was shocked and delighted when my wife came to me with two pictures she found while going through boxes from my father. I immediately knew that they were of my immigrant grandfather’s first restaurant which he built behind his house while working in the steel mills in Birmingham, Alabama in the early 1900's. I had heard stories all my life, but had never seen the restaurant. The pictures had been glued on top of another picture which in turn was glued to a heavy cardboard material. They were faded and a large section at the bottom of one picture had dried out and flaked off. I immediately found a local gentleman who took the pictures to restore. After several months I realized that I had to get the pictures back before something happened to them. Luckily I found Nan and she had proof copies e-mailed to me within 10 days. Nan was patient with me explaining the different finish choices I had and I had the prints done in two different finishes. When I picked up the finished prints I was delighted with the results. You cannot find a better or nicer person to restore your prints. Joey Scannelly, Marietta, GA

I am so happy with my photo restorations!
  "I am so happy with my photo restorations. Each time I walk by the wall where they are hanging, and I once again admire the clarity and depth of the pictures, I feel like they are museum pieces to be cherished. The generations of my family come alive. You were pleasant to work with and I learned so much about the intricacy of the processes involved with the restoration. I now definitely understand how much work goes into your work and I see how much of yourself goes into each picture. I will continue to recommend your work to others, especially when they admire my restorations." Thank you again, Robin Saul

Thanks for a terrific job
  "Thanks for a terrific job in restoring the photo of my great grandfather. This was the only existing photograph of him and we can see his distinct features in the restoration. His first child was born in 1880 and the last in the late 20's. This was with four wives.I plan on giving copies to my grandchildren of their GREAT GREAT GREAT GRANDFATHER. What a blessing. Thanks and I'll have more work for you in the future." Alvin S. Johnson

Your work is SUPERB!
  "I am AMAZED!! They are BEAUTIFUL. I just can not believe it! Words can not say what I am feeling. Your work is SUPERB! My family is going to be so pleased." Thanks again Denise

These restorations are wonderful
  "Thank you. These restorations are wonderful and a great gift our family can treasure forever. It was great to meet you and feel free to drop me a line anytime." Take care. Kimberly

Once again thanks!
  "We would like to thank you so very much for the work you did on my Aunt Ophelia. " When my husband hung it up I just sat and stared at it.  I agree very much , she was such a stunning woman.  Once again thanks.  I would be greatly honored for you to use her picture on your web site, you have my permission to do so.  I will be sending you more pictures when I have the time to make it to Kinkos, my grandchildren are down the summer, and they are keeping me very busy.  Hope you have a great Memorial Day week-end, God Bless"   Allen & Pearlena

it came out great!
  Nan, "Thank you for working on my picture, it came out great! I can't wait to frame it and send it to my grandmother for her 80th!" Jennifer

The image is very true to the original.
  "Best Photo Restoration created a beautiful restoration of a terribly faded color photo. The image is very true to the original. The staff was helpful and friendly." Kerry McBrayer, Atlanta ,GA

The restored photo was quite a hit!
  Nan: "The restored photo was quite a hit at our family reunion and I had to be very discreetly dispense copies." I have another photo I'd like for you to look at- my first grade class. Let me know when I can drop it off. Alvin

Delighted with the superb restoration,
  Nan, I delivered the photograph to the senior management office on Friday afternoon and everyone was delighted with the superb restoration and the quality of the framing work. When looking at the 'before' and 'after', the difference is remarkable. Thanks again for your help in preserving this vignette from the hospital's history. Ren

Old Photo Literally In Pieces
  I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I appreciated what you did for my family and me. The restoration of my Great Grand Mother was such a big success. I came to you with that old photo literally in pieces and you were able to give me in return a beautiful photo. I am sending it to all of my family members; they will be so delighted again, thanks a million. Brenda Braswell

You simply do beautiful work!
  Nan, Everyone loves the quality of the final restoration.You simply do beautiful work! Looking forward to sending other photos to restore. Have a wonderful holiday season. Larissa Smith

Early Christmas Present
  What was intended as a Christmas present became a mid-August gift to my mom. There was no way I could wait four months to give my mom photos that she had not seen in perfect condition since she was a small child. I had three hand-colored photos of my mom and grandma that were in very rough condition--multiple tears, coffee stains, and God knows what else plagued these photos over the years. Then came Nan to the rescue. She took these "down-and-out" photos and returned them back to their original grandeur. Her great attention to detail made the hand-coloring and intricate detailing in these photos come back to life. I'm definitely going to use Nan's services again (as my mom revealed two more diamonds in the rough), and I wouldn't trust anyone else with these treasures. Maybe this time, I can wait 'til Christmas to reveal them!

Everything I could ever want!
  Nan: The pleasure was mine! Thank you so much for working with me on timing.......and thank you for your exceptional enhancements, the CD and the reproductions below. Everything I could ever want! Rest assured that I will recommend you at every opportunity. I look forward to working with you again in the future. Diane

it is absolutely amazing that you were able to restore them
  Nan, Thanks for all of your hard work and expertise restoring my photos, I can’t believe you were able to make nothing into something!!! Considering that the photos were rolled up so tightly and so brittle in their old age, it is absolutely amazing that you were able to restore them back to practically new. Thank you for exploring every avenue possible to bring part of my family back to me. Thanks, Chuck Caruthers

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